Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sony x series walkman - mp3 player

Hey! looking for a great Walkman;check out the Sony Walkman,x series.

Hi my name is George Shand, and I am here to tell you about Sony’s Flag ship Walkman, the x series. The x Walkman is Sony’s answer to apple's I pod touch,and boy did Sony deliver this time with a touch screen pmp.

I must say this is definitely one attractive device. The Sony X Walkman is a very thin and sleek device from top to bottom. But what makes the Walkman so unique is the granite like design on the edges. And on the back and front of the Walkman has diamond like sparkles that just look beautiful. The X series is definitely on attractive device hands down.

The x series Walkman sports a beautiful o.l.e.d screen with colors that look like it wants to jump at you believe me you got to see it to believe it. The Walkman also comes with a you tube app built right in so if you have a wi-fi connection and love you tube like I do you should feel right at home. There is also a slacker app for you folks out there that love music you will have access to stations and all kinds of music trust me this is one of the beauties of the x series Walkman.

But one of the things about the x series Walkman that just makes me have to try it out is the noise canceling headphones. These headphones locks you away from the outside world so you can enjoy music on the bus or the train just about any where without the distractions and lets not forget this is a Sony so you know sound quality is top notch.

The Sony Walkman x is a very solid sturdy device. It is the type of device that can take a hit and still come back for more .The x series walkman also has a little bit of weight in your hand so it does not have that cheap weightless feeling. The package headphones are also really good high end noise canceling head phones. The Walkman battery life last around 33 hours but the noise canceling function cuts that down significantly.


The Sony x Walkman is a great device. I personally think Sony did a terrific job with this device. If you are a person who loves music plus a device packed with features such as surfing the net, you tube and noise canceling the x series is for you. I would most definitely recommend this mp3 player to a friend.

The x Walkman come in two Models.

16 GB =$ 299.00
32 GB =$ 399.00

On Amazon .com you will find a used version for about $50.00 less and you can find a new one there for at least $20.00 cheaper than Sony or anywhere on the web. Thinking about a gift Idea for someone, this will make a great gift for him or gift for her, also to give for any occasion.

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